Saturday, June 6, 2009

Running from the Devil - Review

I was asked, as were Steve and "Westy" if we would be willing to write a review on a new book. I took a quick look on Amazon and it looked like it would be something I would enjoy. I typically like the intrigue, action type of book so I have plenty to compare it to. The author, Jamie Freveletti did a great job, especially considering that this is her debut into writing. I'm not sure if there will be other books to follow which would continue the saga but she did leave it open for more. The author did a really good job in developing the main character, Emma Caldridge. While it took the entire book to do so it was done very thouroghly, often times unoticed as she wove it into the action, as a good book should.

SUGOi teamed up with the publisher to make a video:

It was interesting reading a novel where the main character is an Ultra runner. The author did a good job in using the sport, both for the action and character development.

The book seems short, granted I got into it which always makes them clip right along. I think she could have gone into a few parts a little deeper and there are a few believably issues but I don't want to nit pick. Overall if you are into spy/intrigue/thriller/conspiracy books, it's definitely worth the read. Click here for the authors story summary.

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