Saturday, September 19, 2009

Runs of late and plans for later

I have been increasing my mileage as of late, still only a paltry 640 or so for the year, oh well. It was hard passing up a few of the races this year, especially when so many people I know were able to reach some stellar landmarks this season. At least I had a decent spring.

Last weekend I went to Elm Creek Park reserve, here is a bit of video to prove it, along with the sunrise above. There are a few sections of single track out there that are really fun. I love watching the ground roll by.

I am pretty sure I will run the 50K at Surf the Murph on Oct 31. I have a couple friends who will be joining me. If all the planets align just right we could all finish within a few minutes of each other. Time will tell on that one! Who will be first?? Hope to catch up with a few people out there as well.

Hoping to get out there one of these weekends prior to the race so I can run a loop. I'll try to post if I know when I'm going.

It seems lately that everyone I know, and even those I just read about, are suffering some sort of running related injury. Hope everyone can overcome and finish the year strong.