Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mt. Run for 2009?

March 28, 2009

This would be my first attempt at real planning for 2009. The Bel Monte Endurance Run is on the route of the families spring break trip to NC, where we are headed for a couple graduations. There are a 50mile, 50K and 25K run. I would plan on the 50K and see how the winter goes. It would be a fun race to keep me focused through the winter. It looks like a tough race, with the record at 4:18 it is likely tougher than Superior. Here is the profile. BTW my wife found this run for me (XXOO).

It seems this is the time of year to contemplate what to do all winter, I'm in the same boat but have not had much time to sort things out. I think I will go back to some low HR training but would like to do some cross training and weight training as well. There is a conflict here which I will have to come to terms with. Whatever I do will have to take second place to the continued recovery of my back and associated problems. I have been able to drop about 10 lbs or so since the middle of the summer and would like to keep this off over the winter - don't think it will be a problem but sure would like the benefit of starting the race season on the lighter side.

I have not had time to post since I ran the "Surf the Murph" 25K on 11-1, I'm sure most have heard that it was a great day for a race. Doubt they will get that kind of day for a while. It was well attended and well supported. It was nice to see so many people racing and volunteering. It was also nice to have my family there. I did fairly well considering I had not yet hit the 400 mile mark for the year! I was happy with my place and my overall condition at the finish. I definatly had some tightness on my Rt side but was managable throughout the run.