Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yes Virginia, spring will come

Still here trying to get in some "decent" miles and dodging the ice and snow. I use RunningAhead to log my mileage and noticed yesterday that you can now link directly to your Garmin GPS. I have a 305 and it works flawlessly. I downloaded about 200 runs. It allows easy access to all the info the watch collects plus pretty cool graphing options and about 6 different maps as well. It has worked really well so far. It will be nice to add all the data to the log automatically. Check it out.

I've had 4 weeks now averaging about 25 mpw. I had my fifth and likely final cortisone shot in my back the first week, or there about, in January and only did the elliptical for a couple weeks then a sorta slow ramp up. A while back I posted about the Bel Monte Endurance Run the races are March 28 I got in just under the wire and there is a waiting list now, there are about 100 in each of the races, 50M, 50K, and 25K. I'm the only runner from MN. I would probably be better off running the 25K but I'm not going all the way to Virginia to run 15 miles.

I've had a couple runs lately which make me confident I have the potential to finish well, for me. I did land flat on my back today while blowing snow off the driveway. The first thing that came to my mind was "shit, I hope I can still run" - I think it's kinda pathetic actually. After all I do have a wife and kids who rely on me to earn a living and all. Anyway - hope everyone has a little more umph to make it through the end of winter here. I'm going to find spring in a month one way or another.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Arrowhead 135

Check out the progress at the Arrowhead 135. -8 degrees at the start, about -1 right now. These are some tough dudes, and dudette.