Monday, August 17, 2009


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Took a trip to Colorado this summer to relax and enjoy things a bit. I discovered a running trail right outside our condo. I took this run the day after ariving in there. It starts at 9300' and rises to about 10500'.

Oddly enough I did not really feel that affected by the elevation during the climb, and the descent was not noteworthy either, regarding the elevation. I also took a hike along the continental divide which was from about 11,800 to 13,000 while I could sense the lack of O2 at the top it too was fairly easy. It was not until later in the week that when I took a run along a fairly flat river trail, at about 9200', that I felt like I was totally sucking air. I thought after a week at elevation and two fairly decent runs that I would be able to really kick it. NO WAY. I don't know that I will ever figure out the formula for running at elevation.

Anyway, I was out there with the family and we biked, climbed, hiked, shopped, worked on the condo and a bunch of other stuff. The kids got to take a Jeep ride up a gulch trail too, it was a highlight of their trip. We did a little road trip through Aspen, across Independance pass and ended up in Leadville (hence the title of the post).

We ended up there the day before the LT100 mountain bike race. We got to catch the Lance Armstrong craze.

Lance won the race this year after taking second in '08. What a stud. Leadville is a really fun place with a multitude of playgrounds for the outdoor enthusiast.

I was really taken by the atmosphere thoughout the mountain towns. Everyone is involved in some type of activity, you really had to look hard to see someone who was out of shape, if you did they seemed have either a Vikings or Packers jersey on, go figure.

Anyhow, I have been taking it really easy this summer, I have cut way back on mileage in an attempt to keep some of my nagging injuries (back) at bay and to baby a few new ones (knee). I am contemplating a late fall race, likely one of the Murphy races, Lord knows there are plenty to choose from. As I have noted before I really have never raced much in the heat of the summer, though you may see me at an aid station somewhere soon?