Friday, May 29, 2009


Subtitle "Why I Love Winter"

The Heat

For someone who works outside it still seems to take a long time to get used to the heat. I have never run a competitive event in North America in June-August. Not sure if this year will be any different or not. I was breed for neither extreme, my thermoneutral zone is centered around 58 degrees. I have had a much easier time of it the last two years, dropping some weight helped but also finding S-Caps, along with the proper dosage. I did thoroughly enjoy running through the night last summer, this seems like a good way to avoid the heat, though the feet get pretty wet.

The Humidity

While age undoubtedly has a greater effect on my perception than actual science - the fact is that the dew points in the Twin Cities have been trending slighly upward during the past years 100 years. Sweating does not cool the body when the humidity is high!

The Activities

Vacations, reunions, camping trips, camps camps camps. Seems like every day the kids are going somewhere. I remember my youthful summers spent carefree - biking, fishing and gallivanting around the town. Don't get me wrong, the kids definitely enjoy themselves, its just far more organized and requires greater parental involvement than in generations past. I'm taking my oldest daughter into the BWCA this year, it will be her first trip in.

What to do

I hope to maintain my mileage through mid July, then slowly increase it as the schedule allows. Looking forward to a fall event or two, I figure I have a couple months to decide on exactly which ones to do.

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