Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quite the list

ultraRUNNING online compiled a list of the top 100, 100 mile mens finishers. While there are other lists which attempt to even out the difficulty of the races this is just a pure time comparison. It's a pretty cool list to look over. It covers 20 different races, presumably on the easier end of the 100 spectrum as the more difficult ones would have winners with times greater than 100th place. Jorge Pacheco, 40, CA, 14:12:21, Rocky Raccoon, had the fastest 100 mile time this year. That's about 8:3X /mile for 100 miles. Damn. Some of the names I recognize which made the list:

Wynn Davis
John Storkamp
John Maas

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SteveQ said...

Guess I have to aim to break 19! The women's list is pretty impressive, too.