Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just an Update

Just thought I'd give a quick update.

Been out for some decent runs lately and was encouraged enough to consider entering "Surf the Murph" run at Murphy - Hanrehan park. I know that last sentence is pretty non committal but I don't want to slog through a race just to say I did it - sooo

I went down to the park today with Dick to check it out - never seen so many mountain bikers in one place, not to mention a ton of horses as well. The trails we were on were the hiking trails or hiking/horse trails. They are wide trails that you could drive down, none narrower than an ATV trail. We ran a couple loops which covered the northern 2/3 rds of the park. The terrain is rolling, not long hills just a lot of little ones. The type that add up over the course of a day. The horse/hiking trails were full of loose sand and rocks but the footing was still good. The woods are still very green, I'm sure it will look quite different in November.

The run was very nice, I felt good throughout. I stopped a couple times to stretch out a bit but I think I could have "worked through it" - no sense in pushing it right now.

Started thinking about next year, considering:

Superior 50K
Either Afton or Voyager
Superior 50 M

Feels weird to type this out as its been over a year since I ran a race.


SteveQ said...

Good to see the desire to race is back! Thanks for the link to the Surf the Murph (I couldn't find it on my own). I may be there - also non-commital.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I was at my parents reading your blog and mentioned to them that you were from northern MN. As it turns out your father was the pastor at my grandpa's funeral. My parents remember him well.

Pete Anderson

Andrew said...


Thanks for the note. Its possible he's married a few (as in presided over) of your relatives as well.

Was wondering what you decided for the fall Superior race this year, nice job on the marathon.

Hope to catch up with you at some event yet this fall.

keith said...

glad you're feeling good! looks like you have a good series of races on tap for next year. Chippewa is going to be interesting with no snow...