Monday, August 1, 2011

Warrior Dash 2011

A few photos from the 2011 Warrior Dash.

The race was very well run, would have to
be for 20,000 people to run it. Not doing
any real running these days but could not
pass up dragging my daughter through the
mud. The most significant obstacle, as anyone
running the Afton trail race this year would
attest, were the hills. The other obstacles were
fun but not really that challenging.

I will definitely run it next year.

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Angeline Larimer said...

A fellow warrior! Hurrah!
I stopped by because you'd left a comment on my blog a long while ago, and was tickled to see this as your last post. We did the zombie race AND three warrior dashes this last year and a half. Great fun. Trying to get up the courage to do a Tough Mudder.