Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surf the Murph 50K

Scott, Andy & Dick

The three of us finally had an opportunity to race together at Surf the Murph. We did a training run out there a few weeks before the race so we had a pretty good idea what the course looked like this year. With the flatter sections added in the overall ascent ended up at 2577ft, we were all looking to PR at this race.

The 50 milers took off at 6:00, we toed the line at 7:00 for the 50K. Thanks to daylight savings time not starting until that evening, the beginning of the race starts before sunrise. I had taken a little warm up run prior to the race and noticed the course was definitely going to me muddy. At the sound of the bottle rocket we started off. I saw Scott for about 2 minutes or so, never saw him again until the end of the race. Sure was a pleasure running with ya Scott. Seriously, he has had a great year and was obviously ready to nail this one, finished 8th male, 9th overall.

Count down

About 5 miles into the race a familiar sound crept up behind Dick and I. It turned out to be Buddy J. We all raced together this spring at the Superior 50K and finished within a few minutes of each other. We stuck together all the way to the halfway point. Buddy stopped a little longer than us at the half and about 20 miles into it Dick started to pick things up a little bit, either that or I started to suck air. Either way I ran by myself for 5 miles or so. Buddy caught up to me a while later and we ran about 4 miles together. I really started to fall apart, not sure why. I don't like to make excuses but I never hit a groove in this race. I usually have at least a part of every race where things just feel absolutely perfect - that never happened in this race.

Headed in to mile 28ish with Thing1 and Thing2

It was nice to have the family there, I got a quick back rub (more on that later) and a refill of my favorite drink and took off for the last 4 miles. Thanks sweety ;)

Two noteworthy items:

I wear a heal lift in my Rt shoe which NEVER gives me problems - until I am in a race. I train in my racing flats, run 20+ mile training runs and never have a problem. During this race I started to get a blister on the back of my heal, I could not figure out what was happening as I never get blisters. ( I know there are a lot of nevers in this paragraph - hence my surprise) It turns out my heal lift started to make its way out of my shoe - I had an issue with my lift in every race this year - yah I know - quick learner eh.

Other than having to take my shoe off the second to last mile I had a great finish, I felt strong and was even leaping over the obstacles near the end. I don't know where this comes from, I experienced this at Superior as well this year. It makes the end of the race so memorable as to want to return.

Gee, I hope they don't consider this an assisted finish!!!

Andy (13th), Buddy (12th), Dick (10th), Scott (8th)

After it was all said and done we all (not positive about Buddy) set a 50K PR. It was my fastest (5:33) and most probably the longest 50K I've ever run, close to 32 miles.

This race is twice blessed with the weather in its two years, unbelievable!

Click here to see the run on Garmin Connect

Post race: Flew to NYC at 10:30 the following morning, had a great time taking in the tail end of the marathon festivities and energy. I can't believe what a world wide event that is. I woke up Monday am and my low back was completely seized up. Here I am in NYC and I can barley walk upright - what a site. People asked me "did you run the race" I just nodded and answered, "and then some". Anyway, a week later and I still wouldn't even try to run yet, though I seem to be on the mend - finally.


Anonymous said...

Hey Andy
I quess I was just worried about you pushing me into a tree, as promised.
Take care

bryan said...

Hi Andy,

Didn't even realize you were there too. Guess that'll give me one more good reason to speed up. Terrific job on your race!

Helen said...

Congrats on all the PRs! It was a beautiful day for the race - and a great park to run in. I had fun at the AS for the day - watching everyone enjoying it. You guys certainly looked to be having fun!