Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trial Trail Run

I think I've discovered a new color pattern for the new Vibram FiveFingers, either that or I've discovered what everyone else already knew.

I was pretty excited to try out the fivefingers as I've been running barefoot in the park for about a month now and was really wondering how I could hit the trails without wearing shoes.

Keith has a great description of the "shoe" on his blog so I wont go into it here, besides, they GAVE him his so it's his duty to go into great detail.

I was still a bit stiff from the Afton night run on Fri/Sat but it did not get any worse over the 3.5 miles I ran. I did have a little glute pain but I have had that on and off all day so I'm not too worried about it, had PT today and I'm always a bit tender afterwards. Actually loosened up over the length of the run so thats cool.

The bottom of the shoes are quite smooth but the traction is really pretty good. You can dig your toes in on the loose stuff for extra push. I think the coolest part is it looks like Sasquatch has been running the trails. Some of the trails were really overgrown and grass/flowers tended to get caught between my toes. I was trying to devise some kind of bumper guard while I was running but I'm sure that would go against the minimalist philosophy of the product itself. Hope the fabric is tough, it takes a beating in the grass. Guess we'll see.


keith said...

pretty flowers, andy!

i put a thin skim of shoe goo over the top of the big toe of my KSO (I'll show ya next time you're at afton), otherwise i find it gets abraded should you trip. I also put a nice thin skim of goo on the inside of the straps where they go through the sides of the shoe to keep the straps from wearing prematurely.

Otherwise, my KSO's have held up pretty nicely for the last 400+ miles I've put on them. I usually run in the same pair so they get nice and broken in (I've bought a couple pair to walk around in casual-like).

Also, don't wash them in the washing machine. Just rinse well with water & drip dry. I think the soap hardens the rubber.

Joel said...

Thanks for the good luck wish.
Are you running Sawtooth? Why the night run?